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Castle Kipfenberg: photo description (Burg Kipfenberg)

One of the oldest castles in Eichstetten - Kipfenberg - today is impressive for its architecture. Being built in the 12th century in one of the knight's possessions, the castle was named after the mountain Kipfenberg. Bright representative of the Gothic style, this castle according to the laws of that time were built in the shape of a trapezoid and is surrounded by a high wall and the main tower is 16 meters high and square 7 for 7 at the base. Interesting construction on the North-Eastern side of the castle is called the Tower Witches.

In the 17th century the castle was sold in connection with the secularization of the Prince bishopric of Eichstätt, from that moment began its decline, because the building did not have the "political" weight to someone engaged in the maintenance of its original condition. This lasted until 1895, many of the walls were destroyed, but the new owner is unknown Franz Hossler of Munich decided to rebuild the castle. He planned overhaul, which resulted from the initial ideas of the ancient architects was only the main idea. Following a change in ownership occurred in the 20th century - in 1914, the castle was bought by the family of Potsdam.

Final restoration of the castle Kipfenberg takes place in 1925, the reconstruction project was designed by the famous German architect Bodo Ebhard. Today the castle is privately owned, so getting inside is not possible. However, on its territory, or rather outside the walls of the castle, there is an interesting Museum dedicated to the history of the building.