/ / House Levenstein: photos, description (Haus Loewenstein)

House Levenstein: photos, description (Haus Loewenstein)

Among the architectural monuments of Aachen you may reserve a legendary house Levenstein. This is one of the few houses built on the main square of the city, which managed to survive many centuries ago during one of the worst fires. The old original house is on the Market square, and even war could not strongly affect its original appearance.

It was built in 1344-1345 years and was originally used as a cellar for storing wines. The building later passed to the family Lowenstein, whereby the house and received the name by which it is known today. The house is designed in the traditional for that time period the Baroque style, what vividly narrate the facades, and interior decoration. One of the highlights of the house is the figure of St. John of Nepomuk, placed on one of the facades in the 17th century, pleasing to the eye as well as the original facade decoration.

In the 15th century, the famous building has played a role in political events, becoming a home for one, then the other Guild. Similarly, the house of Levenstein has become a haven for representatives of Church denominations, particularly the Lutherans, who were here for meetings and adopted a historically important decision.

Today in the house of Levenshtein little remains of the middle ages, only the exterior walls. Inside, everything is modernized, making the building houses administrative offices. And besides, there is a very interesting Museum Aachen carnival, visit which is a wonderful idea for tourists.