/ / Castle Lanek: photos, description (Burg Lahneck)

Castle Lanek: photos, description (Burg Lahneck)

Castle Lanek - one of the castles of the middle Rhine valley and located in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in the town of Lahnstein. The castle stands on a cliff above the confluence of the Lahn river with the Rhine.

The castle is a symmetrical slightly elongated rectangle, which is typical castle architecture of the era of the Hohenstaufen. Main tower - Bergfried - made in an unusual, pentagonal shape and is 29 meters in height.

Lanek castle was built in 1226 by the Archbishop of Mainz, Siegfried von Eppstein to protect their territories in 1220 includes also the city of Oberlahnstein and its silver mines. In 1245 the castle was built a chapel in Gothic style, consecrated in honor of St. Ulrich of Augsburg. In the same year in the castle settled first burggrave - control lock.

In 1298, the castle stayed king of Germany, Adolf of Nassau, who was killed a year later by albert of Habsburg. The owner of the castle, wanting to take revenge on the king, began to intrigue against the new king, but his treachery was quickly revealed. In 1309 the castle was taken by storm by the Royal troops, and its owner executed.

In 1312, after the dissolution of the knights Templar in the castle Lanek hid the last 12 knights of the order. All of them heroically fell in the battle against the troops of the Archbishop of Mainz. However, this is only a beautiful legend.

In June, 1400, the castle Lanek stayed the princes-electors of the new Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1475 the castle was surrounded by a second fortification with towers.

During the Thirty years war in 1633, the castle was seriously damaged by enemy troops, and during the war of Palatinate succession in 1688, the castle was a huge fire. Since Lanek from the castle remained only ruins, which attracted many artists and poets, including Goethe himself, who traveled to the Rhine valley. July 18, 1774, from the pen of the great German poet left a poem Geistes-Gruss (translated Tyutchev - "Greeting of the spirit").

With its castle ruins Lanik is linked to another truly tragic story - in 1851, a young Scottish tourist climbed to the ruined castle tower and are unable to come down. The girl died of starvation, and her skeleton was found only after 9 years, the planned restoration of the castle. They also found her travelogue, which describes the last hours of her life.

After the secularization of the lands formerly belonging to the archbishops of Mainz, the castle Lanek in 1803 was transferred to the Dukes of Nassau, and from 1850 became private property and has changed many owners. Thanks to one of the owners of the castle Lanek a portrait of Queen Victoria in full size. From 1907 to the present day the castle is owned by the family of Navy Admiral during the First world war by Robert Bear.

The castle from that time has been repeatedly renovated. On the upper floors of the castle now are houses, and the castle is open from 1930-ies. Castle tours are conducted from 1 April to 1 November.

Near the castle Lanek various Hiking trails with views of the Rhine valley, including the famous Rhine trail. Ride on a boat past the locks LANC and Marksburg is especially interesting at night on the second Sunday of August when the festival of fireworks "Rhine in flames".

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.