/ / Castle Nassenfels: photos, description (Burg Nassenfels)

Castle Nassenfels: photos, description (Burg Nassenfels)

Castle Nassenfels located near Eichstätt, a small German town, and has very deep roots. If we are to believe historical records, as early as the second century BC there was a settlement of the Romans. Then the camp was destroyed, but due to its geographical location this area is constantly interested in the warriors. In the middle ages the castle was built here, the first mention of which dates to 1245, and in those days, the castle served as residence of the local bishops. In particular, Nassenfels was the only residence for the Bishop Estetskoe, withstood numerous storms, and therefore belonged to the fortification and was built according to the rules.

In the early 14th century, the castle has undergone major changes since it was extended and completed on the orders of two bishops - Conrad II von Pfeffenhausen and Friedrich IV von Ottingen. In subsequent periods, the castle was rebuilt, it was a new building, but the outer border has not changed.

Nowadays the castle Nassenfels suffered greatly in the 30-ies of the last century, and the reason was the lightning bolt that hit directly in one of the towers. Today, all buildings and premises restored, some of them are used in residential and commercial purposes, but part of the castle is open to tourists. In this castle often hosts various events, and the surrounding surroundings contributes to their popularity.