/ / Castle Paulinenstrasse: photos, description (Paulinenschloesschen)

Castle Paulinenstrasse: photos, description (Paulinenschloesschen)

Castle Paulinenstrasse is located in the centre of the Hessian town of bad Soden (Taunus), near the old Spa Park. This town is known primarily as a Spa resort with healing, carbonate chloride-sodium waters, in force since 1567. In 1841 there lived the widow of the Duke of Nassau Paulina. She loved this picturesque area, and she decided to build himself a summer residence a small Villa. In 1847 he built a small Palace (the suffix "Chen" in German language just points to the small size of the object), named in her honor. Beside a three-storey building housed the servants quarters.

After the death of the Duchess in 1855, the castle was bought by a local doctor - Dr. Thilenius and converted it into a comfortable resort, where many notable and famous individuals, among which worth mentioning a wife and daughter of the first German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Until the late nineteenth century bad Soden am Taunus has been a favorite place of rest and treatment the German elite.

In 1909, the Villa became the property of the city and served as the town hall. After the Second world war there was a restaurant, but soon in the castle again is the administrative Department. In the former maid's room to 70 years operated a police station, now it belongs to the religious community.

The castle is another elegant building - Parkville, built in 1845, some of the background Circle. At first it also was used as a summer residence, and in 1861 became part of an elite resort. At the moment, there are various private clinics.

Paulinenstrasse is part of the old Spa Park, in which territory there is also the old building of the sanatorium, which is now the city Museum. In addition, the Park has many mineral springs and monuments, including the famous Dr. Tilenius that opened here a lot of different patients.