/ / Chapel of Charlemagne: photos, description (Die Pfalzkapelle Karls des Grossen)

Chapel of Charlemagne: photos, description (Die Pfalzkapelle Karls des Grossen)

One of the most outstanding monuments of the epoch of Emperor Charles the Great chapel, which is known as the Palace - valuable for architecture of the city that is almost the only surviving fragment of the Imperial Palace. It is also worth noting that this chapel six long centuries have been important events like the coronation of emperors in the Holy Roman Empire. Today the choir is one of the important parts of the monument, which is inscribed in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The Palace chapel appeared concurrently Aachen Palace, whose construction dates back to the year 792. Identifying a strict architectural features of Romanesque buildings, the Church, however, was bright and welcoming, even in its stone glory. Traditional for those times octagonal form of the base in the plan, the symmetry, the dome - all of this immediately produces in the chapel of the features of the early Byzantine culture. Interesting in this chapel are frescoes with themes and execution, but also the real Imperial throne, on which sat once Charlemagne himself. He had brought a special marble, which was performed inlay.

In today's hierarchy of architectural monuments of ancient times, which no doubt became the heyday of Aachen, chapel of Charlemagne attracts the attention of tourists the fact that it and today there is a great power of the Emperor.