/ / Castle Ranveer: photos, description (Schloss Rheinweiler)

Castle Ranveer: photos, description (Schloss Rheinweiler)

Castle Ranveer is located in the commune of bad Bellinger in the German Federal state of Baden-württemberg, on the border with France. It was built on the site of a former medieval castle, the mention of which dates back to the XV century.

The old castle was a little more modern - it consisted of residential and office space, the chapel, farmland and Park. In 1516 the owners of the castle built himself a new residence and moved to live there. And in 1676, during the Dutch war the old building was completely destroyed by French troops and never restored.

The construction of a new castle began in 1715, the complex consisted of residential and office space. The Palace was plundered by the troops of Bonaparte at the junction of XVIII and XIX centuries and has long been in decline. He was saved from the devastation of the Napoleonic army General Jean RAPP, who had married in 1816, the orphaned daughter of the last owner of the castle and had paid all his debts.

In 1901 the Palace was included into the list of monuments protected by the state, and in 1908 there were held extensive restoration work under the guidance of renowned Munich architect Ernst Haiger. The building was completed, connecting the two detached wings, a reception hall and a porch. The lock is made in the style of "neo-Baroque".

Interestingly, the Palace more than 500 years - from 1417 in 1928 belonged to the same family von Rothberg, whose coat of arms decorates the main portal and the entrance to the castle tower. Then, after the nationalization of private property, there was a nursing home. During the Second world war the building was shelled, and its inhabitants several times had to evacuate.