/ / Castle Rotstein: photos, description (Schloss Rothestein)

Castle Rotstein: photos, description (Schloss Rothestein)

Castle Rotstein is located three kilometers South-East from the Hessian town of bad Sooden-Allendorf and stands at a height of 308 meters above sea level. Its name, which literally means "red stone", he received from the rocks of the unusual red Sandstone on which it was built.

Earlier this place was a medieval castle, presumably known as Osterburg, the first mention of which dates back to 1357. Unfortunately, it was only the Foundation on which in 1891 was erected a new Palace in the Gothic revival style. The work was carried out under the guidance of renowned architect of Kassel Georg Kegel, a supporter of the style "historical romanticism". First was built a small Villa where he lived temporarily, the family of the client and also was a small garden with agricultural land.

First, the castle owned by the Director of the Kassel theatre, representative of the Hessian of an old noble family of von Gils. In 1897, the Palace was bought by a rich industrialist of German origin, Baron von Knoop, who returned home from Manchester. In 1911 he was attached to the building of a new wing. Now, the castle has had several owners. The last of them - engineer Theo Becker of Bergisch Gladbach. In 2009 he made the Palace is open for tourist visits. Unfortunately, after his death in 2010, the castle is opened rarely. But there still operates a restaurant serving local cuisine, a summer of the same year and with the assistance of the same Theo Becker. From its terrace you can admire the amazing views of the mountain district Meisner and the valley of the Werra. There are often various festivals and celebrations, including wedding.