/ / Castle Friedrichstein: photos, description (Schloss Friedrichstein)

Castle Friedrichstein: photos, description (Schloss Friedrichstein)

Castle Friedrichstein is situated in the Hessian town of bad Wildungen and stands at 303 meters above the sea level. It has a rich history. It was built in the year 1200, count Friedrich Thuringia. To 1260 years in this Gothic castle housed the administrative offices and the courthouse, and then he, like the city itself Wildungen, became property of the counts von Waldeck.

In 1663 the younger brother of the ruling count of Waldeck began the rebuilding of the castle in the style of the French Baroque. Were symmetrically built two long wings and small, connecting them third. In 1669 the owner of the castle was killed during the Turkish-Venetian war in the battle for Crete, but the work was continued by his widow. In 1678 he built a new gate. From the medieval buildings have been preserved only round tower in the Gothic style.

Finally the renewal of the castle was completed only in 1707-1714 years: it was completed on the South wing with a terrace. Then the owner of the castle of Friedrich Anton Ulrich of the family von Waldeck, and that he gave the Palace its name.

In 1715-1719 years in newly constructed South wing was a solemn reception hall, painted by the Italian master. In 1751 and 1757 years, the Palace was decorated with colourful reliefs in a Rococo style. However, from the mid-eighteenth century Friedrichstein lost the status of the main Ducal residence and lost its position.

In the years 1870-1871, during the Franco-Prussian war, the Palace housed the infirmary. The restoration of the castle began only in the early XX century, but from 1906 he became the official summer residence of the von Aldekov.

After the nationalization of the 1920-ies, the Palace was converted into a hotel, and during the Third Reich worked here, the national socialist school. In Friedrichstein often stopped Hermann Goering. After the Second world war, the castle housed a branch of the Museum of the Federal state of Hesse, and there's also a gourmet restaurant.