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Castle Holtorf: photos, description (Schloss Heltorf)

Castle Holtorf - structure special beauty, surrounded by a moat, is located in the North düsseldorf and attracted a large number of visitors. The first mention of this amazing place belongs to the XII century, when on the right Bank of the Rhine river, began to actively develop forestry and agriculture. In this period the castle was erected, which was in the possession of the monastery of St. Suitbert.

Over its history this castle had a large number of hosts, it outbid until the beginning of the nineteenth century until it came into the possession of the family von Spee. Holtorf and currently is the property of this family. To 1810, with the two sides of the castle was attached two wings. Given the fact that this period of time the structure was in poor condition and could fall, in 1822, it was decided to demolish it and in its place build a new castle in the classical style. All work was designed by the architect Heinrich Theodor Freise.

Special attention is drawn to the interior of the castle, among which stand out the unique frescoes, located in the garden pavilion, a story about some events in the life of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Some works of the talented Charles stunner, ornaments the nineteenth century is impressive its special beauty. In this beautiful castle contains a large collection of books, it can be seen, if you get into the Annex in the form of a tower. It was built by Vincent Statem in 1862 in the Gothic revival style.

Near Halethorpe the Park, he was laid out in 1803 and made in strict English style. Here you can see the beautiful pond and also some exotic plants that were established in the period of arrangement of the Park. Its total area is 54 hectares. To the public the castle Helicorp closed, and the Park is only accessible on weekends at certain times of the year.