/ / Castle Hohenbaden: photos, description (Schloss Hohenbaden)

Castle Hohenbaden: photos, description (Schloss Hohenbaden)

The second name of the castle Hohenbaden under which he is better known — the Old castle. On the Western slope of the forested cliffs of Batterie at a height of 410 meters above sea level, are the ruins of the Old castle.

For 11-15 centuries Hohenbaden was the residence of the electors of Baden, of the dynasty of Cherington (ancient German family from Swabia). Founded and began construction of the castle of Baden, Margrave Hermann II in 1102. Reconstruction of the castle in Gothic style was led by the Margrave Bernard (1372-1431), later Margrave Jacob (1431-1453) continued to expand the castle buildings. By the mid-15th century completed the construction of a new fortress, into which they transferred the residence and the castle Hohenbaden was virtually destroyed by fire in 1599.

In the heyday there were more than a hundred different rooms and in the courtyard were stables, barns and many other necessary outbuildings. In the dungeons of the building preserved the primitive sewage system is one of the few known sewer in the castles of the middle ages.

On top of the ruins of the castle in 1999, he performed 120-string Aeolian harp, the largest in Europe. Sound this harp makes body the strings the wind.

The castle was built a modern restaurant, whose Windows you can admire the surroundings of the fortress. Near the Old castle in the forest located in the historic chapel. Today held extensive restoration work to restore the picturesque ruins of medieval castle.