/ / Schönburg castle: photos, description (Burg Schoenburg)

Schönburg castle: photos, description (Burg Schoenburg)

Schönburg castle is one of castles of the middle Rhine valley and located in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The castle dominates the medieval town of Oberwesel.

The construction of the castle of schönburg began in the first half of the XII century. It is unknown who originally owned the castle to the Archbishop of Magdeburg or the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The first mention of the castle dates from 1149. In the XIV century the castle was ceded to Trisomy Kurfurst, and later owners of the castle became Sherburgskie Dukes, who ruled the city Oberwesel. The castle served not only their residence but also an important customs post on the Rhine.

In the middle of the XIV century castle of schönburg lived several members of the same genus, because they could not afford to build each in a separate castle. In documents in 1340 it is said that at that time in the castle lived 95 people. There are three families who lived in this castle once occupied three separate residential towers (Bargfrede).

Like many other castles of the Rhine, of schönburg castle was destroyed during the war of Palatinate succession in 1689. In 1719 the family of Cheburkov broke, and the castle became the property of the Trier of kurfurste. At the end of the XIX century the castle was bought by an American of German origin Oakley-Rhineland, whose ancestors a hundred years ago lived on the other side of the Rhine. He began restoration of the castle, the work was done from 1885 to 1901.

After the death of the Rhineland in 1947 of schönburg castle was owned by the city of Oberwesel. The Northern part of the castle was in 1953 converted as a hostel, and in the southern part of the castle is an expensive hotel. During numerous reconstructions of the appearance of the castle have changed quite a bit from the original.

Schönburg castle is very interesting with its powerful ramparts 1357, one of a kind. On the South side of the castle-now a hotel, is the first Bergfried named after Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who often visited the castle. In this part of the castle to explore visit the restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Rhine.

The second Bergfried, respectively, belongs to the youth hostel and is also closed. All buildings are constructed in the second half of the twentieth century in a style imitating medieval half-timbered houses. In 1983, in the neo-Gothic architecture, the chapel of the castle. Third the Bergfried restored.

In April 2011, in gate tower of the castle of schönburg opened a Museum dedicated to the history, construction and security locks. On the top floor of the tower features an observation deck with a wonderful view of the Rhine.

Around the castle are vineyards, where are grown strictly defined grape variety named after the castle of schönburg, but also many others, including the famous Riesling and müller-Thurgau.

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.