/ / Stolzenfels castle: photos, description (Schloss Stolzenfels)

Stolzenfels castle: photos, description (Schloss Stolzenfels)

Stolzenfels castle is one of castles of the middle Rhine valley, located in the Federal state of Rhineland-Pfalz near Koblenz. The castle was completely rebuilt in the XIX century in neo-Gothic style.

The original building was erected in 1259. The castle belonged to the princes electors Trickim von Isenburg and served as a customs post.
Preserved to this day the main tower - Bergfried was built in 1244 and consisted of 6 floors. It has repeatedly finishing work, including in the XIX century.

The castle was repeatedly rebuilt and increased in size. In 1300, a wall has been built leading down to the banks of the Rhine. At the junction of the XIV-XV centuries were built residential building and residential tower. But in 1412, the customs post was moved to the recently constructed castle Cunostin, which was subsequently rebuilt in the Baroque style and has acquired a new name - the Palace of Engers.

During the Thirty years war Stolzenfels castle was occupied in 1634 by Swedish troops, and in 1646 French. During the war of Palatinate succession in 1689, he was completely destroyed and around 150 years has lain in ruins. These ruins were in 1821 transferred as a gift to the Prussian crown Prince, the future king Friedrich Wilhelm IV, who was fascinated by the beauty of the Rhine valley.

The restoration work lasted until 1842 and was under the leadership of the famous architect, a supporter of the style of romantic historicism by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. He also built the Palace in the classical style. The interior was designed in the manner of the middle Ages. There was also a gardens and hunting grounds. Since 1842, the Stolzenfels castle became the summer residence for the Prussian kings, where they often stayed dignitaries, including, in 1845, Queen Victoria.

At the moment, the Stolzenfels castle is the property of the Society for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2011 held a planned restoration work.

The castle is now a Museum. Take a trip to the two towers - residential and the Bergfried, the vaulted great room in the main building, gate and gardens. Inside the medieval residential tower, built in the Gothic style, special attention should be paid to the paintings of Herman Stilke, which are a masterpiece of German painting of the romantic era.

Distance from castle Creek is another complex of buildings built in 1845. On the lower floor housed the carriages, stables and quarters for servants, and upstairs to a guest room. Around the castle you will find a impressive for its size and Park complex, which includes a jousting arena, the romantic grotto and the monumental viaduct 1850-1867 years.

Take a boat trip past the city of Koblenz and Stolzenfels castle is especially interesting at night on the second Sunday of August when the festival of fireworks "Rhine in flames".

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.