/ / Castle Arenfels: photos, description (Burg Ehrenfels)

Castle Arenfels: photos, description (Burg Ehrenfels)

Castle Arenfels - one of the castles of the middle Rhine valley, is located in the federated state of Hesse. The castle rises above the town of rüdesheim.

The castle stands on a steep slope on the Eastern Bank of the Rhine. Around the castle are vineyards, where are grown strictly defined grape variety named after the castle ehrenfels.

The castle was built in 1212 and belonged to the Archbishop of Mainz. Ehrenfels had an important defensive value at that time in the land of the Archbishop to have the kind of Imperial vicar - in fact, Regent of the Holy Roman Empire - Henry V. From the mid-thirteenth century the castle was used also as a customs post, as the Mouse tower, standing on an islet near the Rhine.

Like many other castles of the Rhine, Ehrenfels was badly damaged during the numerous sieges during the Thirty years war. The castle was finally destroyed in the war of the Palatinate succession, during the siege of Mainz in 1689. However, according to other sources, in order to prevent the capture of the castle, it was burnt down in 1636.

Castle Arenfels surrounded by twenty-meter wall with two corner towers, constituting 33 meters in height. You can also highlight the remains of the dwellings of the castle and building the gate. From other buildings leaving only the foundations.

Now to the ruins of the castle Arenfels can be reached on foot, the scenic trail takes you past famous vineyards. Tours to the castle are by appointment only.

Take a boat trip past the castle Arenfels and other castles of the Rhine valley is especially interesting at night on the first Sunday of July when the festival of fireworks "Rhine in flames".

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.