/ / Tierpark Berlin: photo, description Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde)

Tierpark Berlin: photo, description Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde)

The zoo Friedrichsfelde is one of two large parks in Berlin. His appearance he, oddly enough, owes the Second world war. After graduation and the division of Germany in 1955, and the city authorities decided to allocate land and to organize in the East Berlin zoo, because the one before was the city, remained in the Western territories.

Today, the zoo covers about 160 hectares and its territory is located the homonymous Palace built in the style of early classicism. Thanks to the huge Park in it today, not only live more than seven and a half thousand animals representing almost a thousand different species, but also conducted scientific and breeding work. In particular, in that the Berlin zoo breed elephants, and today it has a state program for their breeding.

Zoo Friedrichsfelde is one of the biggest in Europe, and around it one day failed anyone yet. Vivid impression after visiting the Park, be the animals and birds roaming at large: so, one of the traditional pastimes is communicating with the pelicans, who are not afraid of tourists and are always ready to snatch from the hands of the white a loaf of bread or to snatch a piece of Apple. Incidentally, they welcome guests very first.

At the zoo keep statistics of sold tickets, and especially interested to know that since its first opening on July 25, 1955, to the same day, but in 2010, the zoo Friedrichsfelde called for as much as 90 million visitors! In parting, each of the visitors can make a commemorative coin, scrolling through the workpiece in a special machine: an elephant, a giraffe or one of the birds with a commemorative plaque will be a reminder of wonderful time spent.