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Jerusalem tower: photos, description (Turm Jerusalem)

Jerusalem tower in Trier - the oldest building of the complex, which is referred to as Walderdorff Palace. It is known that the building was built in the 11th century, moreover, the shape and dimensions of the tower were typical for urban development of those times. There is mention of the fact that most of these towers in Trier was nine, but today the Jerusalem tower is perhaps the most well-preserved example of architecture of those times. By the way, it is unclear why the building was so named, no relation to the Jewish religion, the building had not.

Thick walls suggests that at the time the tower was part of the fortifications of the city. There is information about the fact that the clutch used by builders, are exactly the same as some ancient Roman building. Thus, a special method of laying large bricks contributed to the special stability of the building. Originally the building had five floors, standing on a solid stone Foundation. Over time, the walls were all imposed new layers of plaster, but not so long ago was the restoration and discovered authentic features: arches, running into walls, which are trimmed in a special way, allow us to speak about the use of the building as a chapel.

In 1869 in Trier the fire raged, suffered from it and Jerusalem tower. The first floor was filled up and forgotten for many centuries. In the last century was excavated, which allowed us to find evidence of the medieval tradition, after all, and discovered a spiral staircase and massive columns supporting the upper floors and Windows with deep niches.

Today the Jerusalem tower is a three - storey building perfectly integrated into the modern building. Due to its good location, the tower is one of the city tours.