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Overhead gates: photo description (Ponttor)

Gate bridge is one of only two surviving gate towers of the outer defensive ring of the free Imperial city of Aachen.

The construction of the gate began simultaneously with the construction of a second fortress wall and ended approximately in 1320. The gate bridge had not only a defensive function. At different times in their history, they were to collect taxes, a prison and a school building.

The tower is a rectangular four-storey building with a hip roof sizes 18 by 14 meters. The passage inside the fortifications of the fortress provide a two-metre high arch gate, which is adjacent to the Barbican - additional fortification before entering the tower.

By the end of the 19th century the building of the gate towers so dilapidated that it was decided on its demolition. Fortunately, this verdict was never implemented. By contrast, in 1920 the Bridge gate was restored and transferred to the exhibition, the city's historical Museum.

The bombing by allied forces stonework of Bridge gate was seriously damaged, and the Barbican was completely destroyed. Since 1947 some time, gate tower was used as a hostel for young people, and later transferred to the "Union Rangers." In 1973, the Barbican was built anew, and Overhead gates are fully renovated and appear to us in its original form.