/ / The Islamic center in Hamburg: photo description (Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg)

The Islamic center in Hamburg: photo description (Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg)

Hamburg is a city with a rich history that holds many attractions, not only artistic and cultural but also religious. The Islamic center is one of them: this Iranian Shiite mosque is one of the most ancient in all of Europe. It was built in the Northern part of the German state in the 60-ies of XX century, thanks to the efforts of a group of Iranian immigrants. It was a real entrepreneurial center, which after its appearance began to develop rapidly. For this reason, the Islamic center in Hamburg has fast become one of the leading in Western Europe of the Shiite centers.

The idea of construction of this mosque originated in 1953, but the realization of the plans we had for the period 1960-1965 years. As financial support from Iran emigrants received 100 thousand riyals, thanks to the donated funds and managed to raise such a large Islamic center in Hamburg. In this mosque, spent their time numerous leading scholars and political figures.

Despite the fact that the Islamic center was situated in Germany, its activities could affect the course of history of another country. During the 70-ies of XX century there was conducted a powerful propaganda aimed at students living in the Western part of Europe. The main idea of the centre was anti-government sentiment that sought to distribute, they opposed the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, which later played an important role in the Islamic revolution of Iran. In 70-e years of the Islamic centre in Hamburg led by Mohammad Khatami, who then became the fifth President of Iran.