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Chapel of virgin Mary: photo description (Marienkapelle)

Chapel of virgin Mary located in the Jewish quarter of the Bavarian town of Bamberg. Earlier this place was a school and a synagogue, which was destroyed in 1348 in connection with the beginning of the persecution of the Jews. Already in 1428 there was first the Catholic Church, and in 1470 was built a modern building of the chapel which belonged to the Dominican monastic order.

In 1726, the chapel was rebuilt in the Baroque style, but the decoration of the XVIII century is preserved only on the ceiling of the building. It is assumed that before it was painted blue.

In 1803 occurred the secularization of Church lands, and the chapel has lost its sacred value. She became a private property of a local collector, and in 1832 served as the city's granary. In 1876 the Church was converted into a gym.

Their main mission chapel of virgin Mary regained only in the postwar years. In 1946 she served as a chapel for the German American soldiers of the puritans. Subsequently, in 1951 it was acquired by the city community Baptist, in whose hands it is still, though, and put up for sale. The choir has received another name - the Church of Christ and was active until 2008, but then the center of the community moved to a new building, and the need for it anymore.

From the original internal appearance of the Church is almost nothing left, although her graceful vaulted ceilings is designed in a typical Gothic style. That part of the chapel was previously occupied by choirs, now converted into a conference room of the community.

It is believed that this Church was the altar, the image of the young virgin Mary in a dress with Golden spikes. This motif is rarely found in religious art and is common only in German-speaking countries. At the moment this picture made in the mid-fifteenth century master of the altar of the Cathedral city of Bamberg is preserved in the Bavarian national Museum in Munich.