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The Chapel Of St. Andrew: photos, description (Andreaskapelle)

Chapel of St. Andrew is located 12 kilometres from the centre of the Saxon town of Leipzig, in the district of Knowenough. It is the oldest surviving Church not only in Leipzig but in the whole Federal state of Saxony. It was built in the XI century.

Chapel is a typical building in the Romanesque style with small Windows and massive octagonal tower, curving upward component and 10 meters in height. The architectural ensemble is painted white. Near the chapel is a small ancient cemetery.

Presumably the Church was built by order of the Margrave of Meissen Wiprecht von Grouch, a prominent figure of the middle Ages. The appearance of the chapel is slightly reminiscent of the now ruined family castle von Grouchy. It should also be noted that the rounded towers are quite common in the architecture of Bohemia, where was born the wife of Wiprecht.

In the XVIII century the Church was given a Baroque appearance, was Windows enlarged and the tower was added Gothic add-ons, and a tall spire, which was destroyed in 1972 due to a lightning strike. The appearance of the chapel until that moment remained only in the engravings, 1840.

After a lightning strike in 1972 began the first extensive restoration and archeological works in the territory of the chapel. By 1994, it was completed the restoration of the Romanesque chapel located in the round part of the tower. She was re-consecrated and is valid now. At the same choirs, performed in Gothic style, was separated from the chapel, and now they are placed in meeting room of the Church community.

The chapel operates the old organ, made in 1869. Since 1977, the building is an architectural monument protected by the state.