/ / The Chapel Of St. Cross: photos, description (Heiligkreuz-Kapelle)

The Chapel Of St. Cross: photos, description (Heiligkreuz-Kapelle)

The Chapel Of St. Cross is one of the oldest Christian religious buildings in Germany, and has the shape of a cross, that is, repeating the image of the Edicule (Holy Sepulchre). Later this form became the most common for Christian churches. The temple is located outside the historical center of Trier, 2 km from the Market square.

The chapel was founded in the early 4th century, the Holy equal to the apostles Empress Helen, mother of Constantine the Great ,after her visit to Jerusalem. The original building has been preserved in its place in the early 11th century was built new in a traditional Romanesque style. The silhouette of the octagonal tower rising over the centre of the Greek cross, clearly visible influence of Byzantine architecture of the time.

During the following centuries, the chapel of SV. The cross was reconstructed several times and changed its appearance. In the mid-17th century plan of the building was significantly changed: expanded the West wing and the unfinished sacristy in the Eastern part of the chapel. A little later the Western portal of the chapel of SV. The cross was decorated with sculptures depicting Christ and scenes of the crucifixion.

The extensive destruction in Trier during the Second world war did not pass by the chapel, she was badly damaged and was restored only in 1958. Unfortunately, many elements of interior decoration of the 17th century in the Baroque style is lost forever. In 1962 to the southern wing of the chapel of the new parish Church. One or two times a month in the chapel of SV. Cross are the divine services of the Orthodox parish in the name of the Forty martyrs of Sebaste in Trier.