/ / Aachen zoo: photo description (Aachener Tierpark Euregiozoo)

Aachen zoo: photo description (Aachener Tierpark Euregiozoo)

The zoo in Aachen was built in 1966. The idea of the city authorities, who have allocated for this project for almost 9 hectares of land. From the very first days of its existence the zoo became a favorite place of rest for citizens and guests who come to Aachen.

The project of the zoo was immediately conceived as a combination of scientific bases of monitoring the life of birds and animals and entertainment Park. Here is constantly many students-biologists and veterinarians are practicing in this zoo. The Park acquires a possibly rare species of trees. Today in the zoo of Aachen is just over seven dozen species of birds and more than two hundred different animals. In total, the zoo has more than a thousand individuals, which, of course, can not fail to delight children and adults.

In Aachen zoo are all conditions to relax: a lot of playgrounds for younger children and older youngsters, recreational areas located under the canopy of trees - it can and should bring your whole family. For the convenience of visitors through the Park runs a small private train, offering to make a "round the world" trip and get a tour. The charge of good mood obtained in one of the most beautiful parks in Germany, guaranteed!