/ / The Chapel Of St. Sebastian: photo description (Sebastiankapelle)

The Chapel Of St. Sebastian: photo description (Sebastiankapelle)

One of the most famous sights of Ulm - chapel of SV.Sebastian was built in the Gothic style. 1415 is considered if not the date of construction, the year when the chapel was first mentioned in connection with the city. Almost a hundred years it was one of the Franciscan churches, in other words, the building was used for the purpose.

Situated in the district of Auf dem Kreuz, the chapel was almost completely destroyed and for a long time were not restored for various reasons. However, in the 20th century, the city authorities turned their attention to the building that has undeniable historical value. Among the medieval monuments in the chapel to this day preserved cross vaults of the choir, unique in its kind. In addition, the frieze of the nave, is decorated with traditional for those times ornaments, intricately woven of Royal lilies.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the chapel building has changed-in particular, it received a half-timbered superstructure in second floor. I must say that the appearance of the building has become more attractive, if we speak from a tourist point of view. In the 20th century architects worked on the restoration of the building and now it is one of the famous galleries, to exhibit in which is considered an honor by many modern artists.