/ / Carmelite monastery of Bamberg: photo description (Bamberg Karmelitenkloster)

Carmelite monastery of Bamberg: photo description (Bamberg Karmelitenkloster)

Carmelite monastery of Bamberg is located on the hill of Kaulberg near chapel of the virgin Mary. This is one of the largest and oldest monasteries of this order. History of education the Church is dated to the XI century, in 1030 the Bishop of the city of Eberhard I ordered the construction of a hospital for the poor, which was located near the Bamberg Cathedral. Soon the order was translated into reality, the hospital is not only rebuilt, but was consecrated in the name of St. Theodore.

In 1157, were made some additions, and it was built a women's monastery, destined for Cistercians. This was done under Bishop Eberhard II. This part of the monastery existed until 1525, during the peasants ' war it was looted. Completely dissolved the convent was in 1554, when the period of the reformation in the country. To 1589, this place appeared representatives of the Carmelite order, they occupied the abandoned rooms of the structure.

Its modern appearance, the monastery acquired in the period from 1692 to 1702 year, the work to give the appearance of the building engaged the architect Leonard Dienzenhofer. Despite the fact that the Carmelite monastery of Bamberg is among the oldest in the city, his view over time particularly did not undergo major changes.

In 1803 when Bavaria began a period of secularization the monastery was dissolved the government and used its premises for other needs. Here he opened a school and an infirmary and a sports centre. A century later, the Carmelites were able to buy the building to his property, today he belongs to this order. Live in the monastery for more than twenty monks. The interior design has remained unchanged the Central altar of St. Joseph, who managed to return in the XX century.