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Cathedral: photos, description (Freiburger Muenster)

One of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the world - the Cathedral of Freiburg, was built in 1200-1510 years on the site of the old Cathedral. The main attraction of the Cathedral is its carved tower with a spire with a height of 116 meters. The lower part of the tower was built under the direction of master Gerhard 1270-ies, and the tip with its crowning spire was erected in 1310 years Heinrich der Leiter. Simple, square plan tower, covering the entire West facade, on the roof of the Cathedral is converted into an octagon narrow, strongly elongated lattice Windows framed at the top of the pediment ends. The window, cutting through all faces of the tower, turning it into a delicate tent, allowing all sides to see the sky. Here is an observation deck with a magnificent view of old streets, rooftops and surrounding countryside.

The construction of the choir was begun in 1354 by the famous architect Johann Parler, for life appointed in 1359 the main Builder of the Cathedral. The choir, designed by Parler, were completed in the year 1500. Moreover, the choir of the Cathedral was higher than the nave.

The construction of chapels, diverging in different directions from the choir began under Parlare. Some of the chapel are decorated with stained-glass Windows of the XIV century. The main altarpiece of the Cathedral created in 1512-1516 by the artists Hans Baldwin green, Hans Holbein the Younger and Lucas Cranach the Elder. The heavy bell of the Cathedral is one of the oldest in Germany.