/ / The Cathedral of Eichstätt: photo description (Dom zu Eichstaett)

The Cathedral of Eichstätt: photo description (Dom zu Eichstaett)

Not too big, but not small, the Cathedral of Eichstätt was started with a small stone Church, which was founded in the 8th century by Bishop Willibald. Historical information is also say that originally this Cathedral was a small Basilica in the Romanesque style. Today the Cathedral is a striking late Gothic, speaking from an architectural point of view, and the Central building of the whole city as a geographical location, and meaning.

The Cathedral dedicated to our lady and, of course, St. Willibald, who played a huge role in the development of the city as a whole. Modern in his views of the Cathedral of Eichstätt obliged to the architect from Switzerland with a sonorous name Gabriel de Gabrielli. Among the attractions, which is famous for the Cathedral, not to mention the famous altar, which has five centuries. Pappenheimi the altar, as you know, is made of white limestone, because it looks a bit exotic on the background of magnificent decoration of the Cathedral.

Solemn service in the Cathedral attracts not only the citizens and the faithful of the diocese, and numerous tourists, who as the fates decree found himself in a small Bavarian town. It is also worth noting that in the Cathedral of Eichstätt you can enjoy the harmony of unostentatious beauty and to feel God's grace. The Cathedral burned several times, was almost completely destroyed during the Thirty years ' war, but every time it was restored with the same beauty.