/ / Ludwig Museum: photos, description (Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst)

Ludwig Museum: photos, description (Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst)

Near the town's Spa Park and the Museum Ludwig. It's not so much and not only the Museum of modern art, but rather a cultural center which hosts exhibitions of contemporary art, ranging from photographs and paintings by a variety of areas, meetings with authors, discussions about ways of development of modern art, showing the various installations.

Open Museum was in 1991, it is based on a collection of works of the "New gallery" (the collection of Peter Ludwig), which existed in Aachen since the 1970s. Peter Ludwig is a legendary person: a philanthropist and collector, owner of a huge collection of Picasso's painting and works by such renowned artists as Andy Warhol, Jenny Holzer, Erik Bulatov, and in addition, a fabulously wealthy businessman in the field of confectionery industry, he was a symbol of post-war revival of Germany. All the strength and resources invested in collecting and creating museums around the world - in Cologne, Koblenz, Vienna, St Petersburg, Budapest, Beijing, etc.

The Museum is housed in the factory building, built in the 20-ies, which itself is a monument of industrial architecture. The building was rebuilt with the new task of its operation. The total exhibition area is about 6000 square meters, it is a whole architectural complex that includes a library and restaurant, and a school of painting, and artists ' studios and flats, where they can live, as well as a hall for various activities. It is a living organism, functioning for the promotion of contemporary art hold discussions on ways of its development.