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Cathedral. Peter: photos, description Trier Dom)

Construction of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Trier — the oldest Church in Germany and one of the best examples of Romanesque style began in 326 by order of the first Christian Emperor Constantine. The basis of the structure was based on the part of the Palace of his mother, Queen Helena, which she gave tribromo Bishop Maximin.

In 882, the building was almost completely destroyed by the Norman tribes, but to the year 1196 restored in the old style. In the 18th century by the bishops, it was decided to add in a simple interior with Baroque elements. Was created is decorated with exquisite carved altar and a raised chancel screen. Like other buildings in the centre of Trier, the Cathedral of St. Peter was seriously injured in the bombing of the Second world war. After the 60s-70s years of the restoration may 1, 1974 the altar of the Cathedral was re-consecrated.

In reliquarium Cathedral is one of the main shrines of Christian world — the tunic of Jesus Christ, received by lot one of the guards before his crucifixion. The first public veneration of the relics took place in 1512 (until that time the relic was carefully taken refuge in the Cathedral from fires, wars and looting) and since then was exposed for the access of pilgrims 16 times. In the Cathedral are also the ark with the head of Saint Helena, a few links of the chain which bound the Apostle Peter, a nail and sandal of St. Andrew.

In 1986, Trier Cathedral of St Peter was included in the list of world heritage of humanity by UNESCO.