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Ulm Minster: photo description (Ulmer Muenster)

The Cathedral of Ulm, or Munster, is one of the famous German monuments. He is one of the trademarks of Ulm. Its slender spires reach for the sky with all his strength, the highest point marked at the level of 161,5 meters.

Speaking from a historical point of view, Munster in different periods of its construction managed to see a lot. The first stone was laid in the 14th century, and the end of construction had a turbulent and eventful 19th century. The construction was initially carried out by Ulrich von Einsingen, which is known for its incredible precision in the calculations. The Central part of the münster was built fairly quickly, in the period from 1392 to 1405 years, but with side chapels and the Cathedral is a five-naval - was more complicated: the vaults could not withstand the load, because their construction was for the time discontinued.

It is worth saying also that the spire of the Cathedral far was not so high. For example, in those days, when Munster was in the hands of the Lutherans, they build it tall and the spire reached the hundred-meter mark. But the final changes appeared already in the 19th century, the Cathedral acquired its present form. Among these masterpieces here note the unique stained glass Windows, and famous choirs, carved by jörg Surlingham Jr. The latter is famous for being built of oak, which a century and a half soaking in the waters of the Danube, and gained amazing strength. You should pay attention to the sculptures of Hans Mulcher, one of which - Christ-the - sufferer decorates the main portal of the Cathedral.

Completes all brilliant composition sculpture of a Sparrow: inconspicuous at first glance, the bird is of great importance in the history of the city. According to legend, the Sparrow showed the builders how should we carry huge logs for the building through gates that were taken too narrow. Hardworking bird wore straws for their nests, placing them across instead of down, and this way has enabled the builders to provide Ulm materials for the construction of houses. Now Sparrow is conveniently located on the roof of the Ulm Cathedral, observing the city from a great height.