/ / The district of Auf dem Kreuz: photos, description Auf dem Kreuz)

The district of Auf dem Kreuz: photos, description Auf dem Kreuz)

The historic district Auf dem Kreuz is one of the landmarks of the city is about 1 km from Ulm Cathedral. Now, this carefully restored privileged area with limited traffic. About half of the buildings in the district of Auf dem Kreuz built before 1700. They were completely rebuilt as a result of full reconstruction of the area started in 1974. After graduation in 1999, paved streets, luxurious and carefully restored old houses, harmoniously complemented by new buildings, demonstrate the Ulm of the late-medieval period, changes occurred for several centuries.

The whole block Auf dem Kreuz can be circumvented for a few minutes, but don't rush your recovery. Each house, each building is worthy of careful examination and study. Here are attractions such as the chapel of St. Sebastian, the first mention of which refers to 1415, the historic Arsenal building 1433 year built, the old tower of the former city wall Seestorm and Gunstorm.

It was here, in the district of Auf dem Kreuz was the house where he spent the first 15 months of his life, the great native of Ulm albert Einstein. In 1984 the place entirely destroyed by bombing in 1944 the building there is a statue-fountain by sculptor jürgen Hertz. It consists of three parts: the rocket, which means technical progress, snail, symbolizing the wisdom of nature and tranquility, and the head of Einstein, emerge from the snail house with a sly look.