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Quellen Park: photo description (Quellenpark)

Quellen Park Park in 1872, broken in the centre of the Hessian town of bad Soden (Taunus). Bad Soden- renowned Spa resort with curative carbon dioxide chloride-sodium waters, in force since 1567. Just next to Quellen Park in 1722, opened the first sanatorium "House of Bockenheimer Warte", executed in the Baroque style and consists of 27 rooms and 4 treatment rooms.

As for Quellen Park, then it also is a lot of healing drinking water sources. And in 1886, the Park was erected a pavilion of Sadenia", which became one of the main attractions of the town. Prior to 1968, there were fountains, gushing from the salty source. But then the water lost its medicinal properties, and so the fountains were dismantled.

In 1813, the House Bockenheimer Warte" has ceased to function as a sanatorium. In 1838-1839 was replaced by the roof of the building - a new roof was made in the neoclassical style. Since the late nineteenth century, the former hospital became private property, and in 1992, she became part of a residential building, which was the Hundertwasser, a famous Austrian architect. In order to match this brightly painted house, the Baroque facade of the sanatorium was converted.

The Hundertwasser house in bad Soden am Taunus is the name of "House meadows", and its first stone was laid in November 1990. Now it is a nine-storey residential building with 17 different in size and furnished apartments, which are often part of one another. The house has a 30-meter tower.

Near Quellen Park is the Evangelical Church of the city, built in 1715. Earlier in its place stood a small chapel 1482-1483 year, burnt in the fire of 1552. The building was left only the room of sacristie, dated 1510 year. Inside the Church was only finished in 1825, was erected the marble altar. The Church tower was completed in 1878. During the last large-scale restoration in 1995-1996, was discovered painting by an unknown artist, made in the Baroque style and is dated to 1720.