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Cologne city hall: photo description (Rathaus)

Cologne city hall is a building of city administration and is located near Cologne Cathedral. The most ancient part of the structure dates from the first half of the XIV century. City hall combines several architectural styles. For example, a tower height of 60 metres was completed in the Gothic style, its front door was a reflection of the Baroque style, some parts of the building are the imitation of Romanesque architecture.

Town hall tower is decorated with statues made of Sandstone. Among the images of the personalities you can find the most honorable residents who played an important role in the history of Cologne in different time periods. Due to the fact that the material chosen was not particularly strong, that all the statues of kings, nobles, saints suffered greatly. Some figures have been re-manufactured and placed on the tower in 1995.

In the late XIV century in the city hall conducted their meetings the representatives of the Hanseatic League, which sought to form a Confederation to oppose the king of Denmark Valdemar IV.

The city hall was reconstructed in 1863 thanks to the efforts of architect Julius Carl Raschdorf. Unfortunately, his aim was not restoration of the historical appearance of the building, and their own ideas about the future structure. During the Second world war the town hall was badly damaged, the bombing had destroyed many ornaments of stone, sculpture and unique architectural elements. Subsequently carried out detailed restoration work, thanks to them, the hall acquired its original appearance, and all the adjustment Raschdorf was completely eliminated.