/ / The Cologne TV tower: photos, description (Colonius Fernsehturm)

The Cologne TV tower: photos, description (Colonius Fernsehturm)

The Cologne tower is the tallest structure in the city. This concrete tower is quite a sonorous name of Colonius and is among the highest buildings in the country. The construction of the tower was engaged in such talented German experts, as an engineer Leonard Frits and architect Edwin Hale.

For the construction of such impressive structures, the government allocated an area in the Northern part of the city's Ring road. Work began in 1978, and in 1981 took place the solemn opening of the Colonius. To the beginning of existence, the tower reached 252,9 m and at a height of 166 metres there was a viewing platform specially designed and the restaurant occupying two floors.

Given that technology is constantly evolving, and television equipment is not bypassed. With changes in the requirements for signal broadcasting, a few years later was the first reconstruction of the Cologne tower in which the old antenna was replaced. These changes have increased the height Colonius almost 14 meters.

Unfortunately, the observation deck and the restaurant ceased to function in 1994. The city authorities took the decision after an accident that occurred during the celebration of the new year. Another reconstruction Colonius took place in 2004, at that time also replaced the relay antenna that did not affect the change in the height of the structure.

The Cologne TV tower is located in a very colorful and picturesque area of the city, it allows tourists and residents to spend time, to relax and to escape from everyday life. Close to Park, bearing the name of Innerer Grungurtel, here you can stroll and enjoy the fresh and clean air.