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Cologne: photo description (Zoologischer Garten köln)

Cologne zoo is a favorite destination of not only tourists but also residents. It is equally interesting for both children and adults. Cozy, attractive Park in a classic style leaves no positive emotions of any one person. Once in this wonderful world of animals, you can experience the atmosphere of the past and the present. Zoo officials try to save historic details, but use the latest technology achievements.

In the Cologne zoo is impossible to see animals behind bars, where they are separated from visitors with special moats and glass instead of the usual trails, here are the contact aviaries and winter gardens. This wonderful zoo was founded in 1856, his first destination was the Elephant house, which was built in the Moorish style. Many years later, in 2004, the Cologne zoo has erected a second Elephant house, which took about 10% of the total area. Currently, it is possible to see Asian elephants.

The zoo in Cologne is one of the most famous in Europe, the number of different fauna from different corners of the globe is truly impressive. Among the animals here you can find a large number of primates, tree kangaroos, Siberian tigers, Indian rhinos, red pandas etc. deserves Special attention is a rare and unusual Hornbill to see it, everyone can.

Cologne zoo has a large collection of representatives of the tropical jungle, insects placed in a special building called the "Insectarium". In order to fully explore the zoo need a lot of time, you must be sure to visit the house of the island of Madagascar, home of giraffes, predators, black lemurs and other awesome animals.