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Museum Suermond-Ludwig: photo description (Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum)

The opening of the Museum of Suermond-Ludwig art Museum in Aachen took place in 1883. At the same time the Museum received the first part of its name in honor of its founder Bartold of Surkanda. In 1901 a much larger exposition was moved to the mansion "Villa Cassolette" on the wilhelmstraße, where he is now.

The Museum collection is constantly replenished, not least thanks to numerous donations of eminent citizens of Aachen. In honor of the major donors, the spouses Irene and Peter Ludwig in 1977 the Museum got the second part of its name. The last major expansion of the exposition at the expense of the supporters occurred in 1992-1994.

Today, the Museum of Suermond-Ludwig owns a collection of outstanding works of art from antiquity to the mid-20th century, including one of the most significant in Germany collections of medieval sculpture. Museum exhibitions present the painting to the late Gothic style, also Baroque, romantic and classical modernism. In addition, the Museum has significant collections of copper engravings, paintings on glass, works of ancient art, art library.

The staff of the Museum of Suermond-Ludwig hosts a variety of educational lectures, exhibitions and other events. In recent years, is actively working for the return of Museum objects removed in the postwar period in the USSR.