/ / Cemetery Ohlsdorf: photos, description (Friedhof Ohlsdorf)

Cemetery Ohlsdorf: photos, description (Friedhof Ohlsdorf)

Ohlsdorf cemetery is the most impressive in size and known outside of Hamburg necropolis. Once here, you can see not only the graves of prominent residents of this city, but also the various architectural works of the famous artists. This place is considered the largest cemetery in the world, and also the Park. The area of this unique place is about 391 hectares.

The first mention of the location Ohlsdorf, recorded in historical documents, refers to 1303. But to Hamburg, she became relevant only in 1895, when the government purchased the land plot of 126 hectares for the device of the city necropolis. His plan was created in the years 1875-1876 Franz Anders Meyer and Johann Wilhelm Cordes. The cemetery was built in the style of an English landscape Park, where there are eight funeral chapels.

Before entering the Ohlsdorf houses the administrative building in neo-Baroque style. After the change of the Director of the cemetery has changed the approach to its design. Otto Lina chose geometric shapes that are not only perfectly caught, but was popular until 1930. Over established chapels, tombs, porticos, and tombs worked Dammann, Marx, Barlach and other outstanding masters of architectural art.

The most famous work of Ohlsdorf is "Boat of Charon", dedicated to those who died in 1943, which had a huge number of bombing the city. In the cemetery is the mausoleum of 21, the largest of them is the one that is arranged in honor of the memory of the family von Schroeder.

For visitors Ohlsdorf is a Museum, where arranged and conducted special tours of the necropolis. The cemetery is considered to be valid, the burial will be realized here and now.