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Kranhaus: photos, description (Kranhaus)

Kranhaus - modern architectural complex of high-rise buildings in the modernism style, is located in the southern area of Cologne, the German Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The building is in the form of Russian letter "G" and got its name from the similarity with the port tower cranes. This form of construction due to the location of the property it stands on the embankment of the river Rhine in the port side of the city. Despite the fact that the architectural ensemble was completed only in 2011, Kranhaus has become a real symbol of Cologne.

The decision on construction in the port area of housing and office buildings appeared in the beginning of the XXI century, although in the area this part of the city was redone in 1976. The construction was entrusted to two architects, one of whom - the most popular German architect of Iranian origin Hadi tehrani, who founded the firm BRT Architekten, a branch of which operates in Moscow.

Start of construction began in 2006 and the first building was ready in two years. The complex consists of three identical buildings, each of which has a height of 60.6 metres and consists of 17-19 floors. The two buildings serve as office centers, and the third, the most Northern of them, is a residential building consisting of 133 luxurious apartments.

In 2009, the Central building of the entire ensemble Kronhaus received the international architecture award MIPIM Awards, awarded to the most attractive investment projects worldwide in the category "Business center". In the German press that the award was named symbolic "architectural Oscar". The ceremony was held in the framework of the international exhibition, held in Cannes.