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The red house: a photo, a description (Rotes Haus)

Red house - one of the real ornaments of Trier. This building stands on the Main square and originally, in 1684, was built for the Guild of bakers. These homes are in many European cities, the form itself, floors, even the facade - everything is a tribute to the traditions of those times. This remarkable house is the fact that engraved on it in gold the inscription, "Trier was standing before Rome thirteen hundred years, he should continue, rejoices in the eternal world! Amen!".

Characteristic color, by which the house got its name, makes it stand out and immediately attract attention. The building - a striking example of the late Renaissance, built easily and gracefully. The façade is full of different elements, among which are not only decorative stucco elements, and traditional structures of those times figure. In this case, is Saint Anthony, who is holding a book, and it is little Jesus. Some consider the style of the building in Baroque style. Undoubtedly, the Red house is the decoration of the Main square. Nearby cafes and restaurants that dispose to leisurely inspection.

The red house, as a rule, it is recommended as one of the stops on the sightseeing tour of the city. Since the building is located just in the path of the normal route, it was written all the guides. And, of course, the phrase about the domination of the Trier of Rome is fiction, but still, it attracts the eyes. Many travelers go to this building only in order to see it with my own eyes.