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The fortress of Altenburg: photo description (Altenburg)

Altenburg fortress is an impregnable citadel, located in Bamberg on its highest hill. Based on historical data, at this place in the IX century the first fortification that was converted into a fortress in the following century. Since its inception, and until the XVI century citadel owned by the Church, she served two roles: refuge in case of war or danger and the fortified residence of the archbishops.

In the period when Altenburg was the residence of bishops, it became quite actively to build and expand. A real appearance, which to this day appears before the eyes of tourists and residents, the castle was acquired in the early fifteenth century. Despite the fact that in the XVI century was the war, during which the citadel was subjected to numerous attacks, she managed to survive and withstand all assaults. During the Margrave war, Altenburg had to surrender without fighting and confrontation, to avoid the complete ruin of Bamberg.

Severely suffered from destruction and looting, the citadel quite a long time was in a state of desolation. Only in the XVII century was began restoration work, which was designed by the architect Johann Dienzenhofer. In 1801, Altenburg became the property of Adalbert Friedrich Marcus, a Bamberg doctor, also known as the true lover of antiquity and art.

Among friends of the new owner of the fortress was Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, who lived here some time and worked on his compositions. In the house, specially equipped for him, Gofman worked on the portraits of famous citizens. After the death of Marcus Altenburg was owned by the Bavarian organization dedicated to the protection of architectural monuments.