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Fortress Baden: photo description (Burg Baden)

The city of Badenweiler is conveniently located near the borders of France and Switzerland. The Baden fortress, or rather its ruins - not just a beautiful and significant place, but, in some ways, the symbol of the city. The story goes that construction of the hill on which the citadel was begun by the Romans, and already in the 12th century there stood a castle of stone. It is clear that his main goal was to protect the possessions, because the place was not chosen accidentally.

For five long centuries, the fortress was constantly attacked, and war and destruction was reflected in her appearance. The worst period of time for the strength came in April 1678, when it was destroyed. Long wall is not carrying any load, but still it was decided to restore the ruins in order to leave a memory of glorious times.

Today the castle of Baden is a complex, which in addition to the ruins there is the famous building of the Belvedere, monuments of historical personalities, including Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. It is known that in Badenweiler great writer died in 1904, having lived here his last years.