/ / Park Kaiser-Friedrich: photos, description (Kaiser-Friedrich-Park)

Park Kaiser-Friedrich: photos, description (Kaiser-Friedrich-Park)

Park the Kaiser-Friedrich-was conceived as one part of the complex, built in 1908-1910 Interestingly, for its time, the project was very expensive, the total budget for the construction amounted to more than 180 thousand marks. The Park is 13 hectares of well-planned areas, including not only green spaces, but also monuments, areas for active recreation and lakes.

The concept of building immediately meant that the Park will be used for a wide range of visitors, so the tracks are broken so that strolling did not feel crowded. For fans of boating there are boats, it's in the Park attracts romantic couples lovers. Almost the entire territory of the Park is made up of deciduous trees, and only in the South-East grows a small pine forest. Almost in the center of the Park is a picturesque lake Changewater size 160 m long and 80 m wide, into which flows the river city Pubah. For lovers of active rest can play a game on multiple tennis courts. And I came here with a big company you have the opportunity to play a couple of matches on the basketball court.

Despite the fact that the Park has experienced two terrible wars, its original is preserved. Today it is a favorite place of citizens and guests who come to Aachen. In 1977 the Park was a monument to Kaiser Friedrich, thus establishing an invisible bridge between the idea of the Creator of the Park and its embodiment in practice.

Hungry guests can dine in the cafe located in the Park, or sit in the shade of the trees on the lawn, eat the sandwiches you brought with you.