/ / The Kaiserburg fortress: photos, description (Kaiserburg)

The Kaiserburg fortress: photos, description (Kaiserburg)

Castle (Kaiserburg) was built on a rock around 1050 Henry the Third. Gradually, the castle became the fiefdom, handed down by inheritance. In 1138-1140 years it was finished by the Emperor Conrad, and he became the Imperial castle. In 1050-1571 the years it was visited by all emperors of Germany. Most of the meetings of the Sejm were held here.

The castle is accessed via a gate Faster from the North or Himmelspforte from the city. At the entrance you immediately see the courtyard and the Palace, then the Imperial chapel in the Romanesque style with two floors: the second floor for the Emperor and the courtiers, and the first one for servants. Next is the well depth of about 50 meters, dug in the twelfth century.

From the Imperial Palace, a passageway leads into the oldest part of the castle, to the castle of burggrafen. The Hohenzollerns got Burggrafenstr in the XII century. He was the cause of many contentions between the city and borggrefe. After a fire in 1480 it was sold to Frederick IV of Hohenzollern city of Nuremberg. The castle remained in chapel Walburgis, pentagonal tower Funfacion and the watch tower, Luegisland, built in 1377.