/ / The Friedrichsbad baths: photos, description (Friedrichsbad)

The Friedrichsbad baths: photos, description (Friedrichsbad)

The Roman-Irish bath built in 1877 on the initiative of Duke Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden from 1856 to 1907). The building, built in the Renaissance style, like a luxurious Palace and is considered the most beautiful thermal baths in the world. The interior is richly decorated with stucco, frescoes and fine statues, in some areas the tiles on the floor and walls hand-painted.

The water temperature in the springs that supply the baths with mineral water, in the range of 56-67 degrees. A complete cycle of thermal treatments consists of 17 stages and includes: sauna, steam room, massage shower, hot and cold bath, soap brush massage and more. During the first 8 stages water temperature and air gradually increases, and subsequent decreases. Access to the thermal complex enhances immunity, relieves fatigue and stress, heals the nervous system, positively affects the overall tone of the body. You will be offered treatments with healing mud, acupuncture, various massages, indicated in the treatment of many diseases.

On Sundays and holidays, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, bathing in the Friedrichsbad, a joint, and in other days men and women bathe separately and can be found only in the Central part of the baths, the so-called "dome room". This is one of the most beautiful places in the complex (it is said that contemplation of the beautiful frescoes decorating the cupola, treats and soul, and body).