/ / The Leipzig Opera house: photos, description (Oper Leipzig)

The Leipzig Opera house: photos, description (Oper Leipzig)

The Leipzig Opera began its existence in the distant 1693, becoming the third theatre in Europe along with such cultural buildings in Venice and Hamburg. Despite the fact that the Leipzig Opera does not have its own orchestra, she actively collaborates with the orchestra Gewandhaus, since 1766, and it helps in the formulation of various masterpieces of theatrical art.

The opening of the Opera house was a Grand event not only for residents of Leipzig, but also far beyond its borders. With the 40-ies of the XVIII century there are always performances with the participation of various Italian Opera soloists and ensembles, touring in Germany. In the XIX century the number of dissatisfied audience increased significantly, which was due to the fact that the choice of the repertoire of the Leipzig Opera were engaged ignorant in this matter. This resulted in a failed lease system of the theatre, which was abandoned in 1912.

The emergence of talented intendant of the theatre M. Mardersteig was the beginning of a new stage of development of the Opera in Leipzig. Eight years later - in the early 20-ies of the last century on this famous scene was staged productions of modern authors, which have increased the popularity and attendance of this cultural institution.

War years, the Leipzig Opera was completely destroyed, but in 1956 began its reconstruction. As a result of the construction works in 1960 the opening of the renovated Opera house, which was not only the largest, but also really beautiful and modern building in the GDR. With a production of Wagner's Opera began a new creative way of the theater.

Today, the Leipzig Opera is very popular, every year it is visited by a huge number of locals and visitors. Tickets for performances are usually acquired in a few months.