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The Leipzig zoo, (Zoo Leipzig)

Leipzig zoo is one of the most beautiful sights of the city, and the wealth of diversity represented here, the animal world will not leave indifferent any visitor. Zoo story began in 1878, when through the efforts of restaurateur Ernst, Pinkerton opened a Zoological garden at one of the restaurants of Leipzig.

Despite the fact that this zoo has become the 23rd in Europe, he began to attract large numbers of visitors for its exotic animal species. Due to the increase in the number of viewers and profits already in 1883 the area of the Zoological garden was 3 hectares, And in 1899, this private garden became a joint stock company.

Currently, the Leipzig zoo is located on 27 ha of which 2 hectares is the amazing beauty of the water. It hosts over 10 thousand of birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. The zoo is divided into 6 thematic and climatic zones, where the landscapes of Africa and Asia, and humid tropical jungles with their unusual inhabitants. There is the world's largest nursery with apes and the historic garden, which is dedicated to the founder of the Leipzig zoo.

Colorful fish and beautiful corals, rare sharks, all this and much more await visitors to the aquarium of the Leipzig zoo. A terrarium with alligators from Mississippi and other rare species of amphibians awaits thrill-seekers.

The Leipzig zoo participates in many programs aimed at the preservation of endangered and rare species. It is for this reason that there are bred white-naped cranes, tuporylye crocodiles and celebuski Buffalo and maned wolves.