/ / Leipzig sports Museum: photo description (Sportmuseum Leipzig)

Leipzig sports Museum: photo description (Sportmuseum Leipzig)

Leipzig sports Museum is one of the largest sports museums in Germany. It is on a par with such famous arenas as the Olympic Museum Berlin, Sport Museum, located in Cologne. This is an amazing place in Leipzig features a significant collection of exhibits, among which there are over 85 thousand. Here every visitor who wishes to know more about sport and gymnastic the history of the country, will be able to find a lot of informative and interesting information.

The idea of creating a Leipzig sports Museum was born in 1977, this period is marked by its large-scale comprehensive modernization of the stadium "Red Bull Arena". The draft plan of the Museum and its embodiment in reality was dedicated to the beginning of the Sixth sports and gymnastics competitions of the GDR. There was a permanent collection, numbering about 3 thousand of different objects. They were placed on the territory, which area is approximately 600 sq. m. visitors to the Museum can learn about the fascinating history of all sports events of the German state on the example of Leipzig.

The 10th anniversary of the opening of the Museum took place on replenishment and a major upgrade of the exhibition, but already in 1991 it was completely closed to the public. This was due to the growing indebtedness of sports facilities in front of the city. Subsequently, in 1996, all available collections, which included technical and administrative libraries, were transported to Sportforum in Leipzig.

The year 2007 became a year of revival of the sports Museum, thanks to the decision of the city Council of the city decided to rebuild as a sports attractions. For him, a new building was constructed, where placed for those interested in the development of sport in the permanent exhibition.