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Lichtentaler Allee: photos, description (Lichtentaler Allee)

Lichtentaler Allee traces its history back to 1655, runs along the left Bank of the river OOS. It stretches from Piazza Goethe to Klosterplatz, near the monastery of Lichtental, at 2300 meters. In the seventeenth century it was a country road which connected the Abbey with the city's main square. The first oak trees along the road appeared in 1655, and in the years 1850-1870 there were numerous bushes and trees, bloomed flowers and the road turned into a beautiful huge Park. The storm swept in 1999, uprooted century-old trees in the alley, but soon in place of the felled trees planted new, and the Park was completely restored to its former grandeur and beauty. On the Avenue is located the oldest hotel in Baden-Baden, where, according to legend, at the ball of 1812, met and quarreled Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Near at Lichtentaler Allee promenade and many of the attractions of Baden-Baden. On the right is the art Museum of the Feeder Burda, where you can see paintings by contemporary authors. Here is the city Museum, and opposite the most luxurious and expensive hotel “Casa Molino”. Decorated with angels after crossing the bridge you get to the Park of roses, where you can see the unique fountain "Josephine".

In the lichtenthaler Allee loved to walk Turgenev, in place of his two favorite benches today are benches inviting to sit down in silence and tranquility to think about something important or just relax.