/ / Square Catchof: photos, description (Katschhof)

Square Catchof: photos, description (Katschhof)

The Central area of Aachen - is a permanent meeting place for residents, all kinds of events and the beginning of the tourist routes in the city. It is located on the spot where once stood the Imperial Palace, and today it was only a small chapel of Charlemagne, entered the complex's main Cathedral, Aachen, Yes, the East tower of the town hall - Grausturm.

The name may have derived from the phrase "cat yard" - "katzhof" and definitely it was related to the infamous pole, which stood in the square until the late 16th century. She had other names, but they did not stick. The main feature of this square is that it has a specific size: 100 meters long and 40 miles wide - which is not just a whim of the architects, and the size of the courtyard of the Palace that previously stood here and whose Foundation now stands the town hall.

Catchof - this historical site and venue for various city events, starting with sports and ending with Christmas and Easter fairs. I wonder what the Aachen fair, opening on the eve of Christmas, is one of the most interesting in the country and in old Europe as a whole. In 2006 was held the last of all the reconstructions, which gave Ahanu area in its present form.

The event that took place in 2009, made a square Catchof even more famous: she entered a pan-European project called "the Way of Charlemagne" and is included in the trails for lovers of the history of the life of this ruler.