/ / Miniature Wonderland: photos, description (Miniatur Wunderland)

Miniature Wonderland: photos, description (Miniatur Wunderland)

Miniatur Wunderland, located in Hamburg, not by accident got its name. This is the largest toy model railway in the world, its length of track is about 13 kilometers and is divided into several sections, each of which displays a certain region, such as America, the Harz mountains, the Austrian Alps or Switzerland.

Miniature Wonderland-modeled in 2000, the entrepreneurs of the twin brothers Gerrit and Frederik Braun. The idea of this project emerged during one of the brothers in Zurich, where he saw the model trains are small in size. In 2001, for the public was opened 3 sections of rail, now everyone can see in Wonderland for eight geographical sections and over a thousand compositions, and human figures. For uninterrupted traffic control was installed a special control room.

In Miniatur time flows in an unusual way: every 15 minutes there is a change of day and night, in the dark the lights light up, you can observe how the little men not only go to work, but play sports or watch football matches. In case of fire, special service to the rescue, and the airport shall take-off and landing miniature aircraft. In the section of America operates a real space station, and in Scandinavia you can watch the sea with the tides.

Miniature Wonderland is a magical world in miniature, which captures not only children but also adults. Once here, the visitor gets a unique opportunity to see human life from outside, to observe the everyday life of the people, all processes of which one may hear on radio and TV each, but you see one.