/ / Paradise fountain: photos, description (Paradiesbrunnen)

Paradise fountain: photos, description (Paradiesbrunnen)

One of the most famous fountains in Germany - the Paradise fountain in Aachen - is a hallmark of the city. His age is impressive enough, because the fountain was built more than a century ago, and managed to survive during all the wars virtually intact. Year its official opening is considered to be 1897, when at the intersection of roads from Aachen temples, where it was active cemetery, it was necessary to put a monument-symbol.

The fountain is built with interesting stone - Sandstone, and its shape, as well as the whole composition, symbolic. Numbers, which are located on the fountain, represent the symbols of the four rivers - Euphrates, Tigris. Fiona and Gijón. Well-known and the images that decorate the fountain on all four sides. Water that flows from the fountain, symbolizes the eternity.

The Paradise fountain is one of the gems of the city, he stands inside the most beautiful courtyard and is not only a monument of history and architecture. Also, we should note that the fountain is part of the ensemble and its forms harmonize with the arched Windows and stone pavement.